Why you should choose Captions, Inc.
You need quality without hassle, and you need it on your timetable and at a fair price.  We deliver innovative solutions that un-complicate your life.  The particulars:
Multi-language subtitles for DVD
Dozens of streams, ready for all major authoring systems.  More than 30 languages supported.  Globalize your product!
High-volume, fast-turnaround captioning

State-of-the-art systems for getting closed captions where you want them, when you need them.

SD/HD subtitles for DVD, broadcast, e-cinema, Blu-ray Disc, ...
Any video format, including 24 fps, 720 p, 1080 i, 1080 p, and 1080 PsF. Plus digital cinema, web and Blu-ray Disc formats.  Subtitles for any screen, from very small to very, very large.
World-class translations
From native speakers all over the globe, qualified by our unique certification process.
Highest quality
Standard-setting vendor to the major studios.  Accurate product with minimum hassle.  Rigorously trained, experienced editors who won`t settle for anything less than the best.  The closer you look, the better we look.
Attentive, customized service
Large volume, technical complexity, tight deadlines, no problem!  Reformat your existing caption/subtitle materials, from the widest variety of data formats, or have us create translations customized to your needs.
Technology leadership since 1986
Our proprietary software keeps up with your changing needs faster than our competitors` off-the-shelf systems can.  Let us develop a solution for you!