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Captions, Inc., is a leading provider of captioning and subtitling services to movie studios, post-production houses, independent filmmakers, theaters, museums, broadcast and cable networks.  Since 1986 we`ve been developing high-end, innovative solutions for the worldwide entertainment industry from our Hollywood-area headquarters.
We produce in volume on tight schedules.  Our captions and subtitles work with:
  • broadcast and cable NTSC, PAL, SDTV
  • DVD
  • HDTV
  • Blu-ray Disc
  • film and digital cinema
  • web video
  • museum  and park kiosks
  • emerging technologies
We use proprietary software, in constant development, to provide custom solutions to our clients` ever-changing technological challenges.  We were the first commercial enterprise to supply closed captioning to the movie and TV industries, and the first to provide DVD subtitles. We were first with completely implemented Japanese typography, and first to support high-end graphical subtitles for digital SD and HDTV.  As new delivery systems come on-line, we`ll be ready to solve technical problems, expedite logistics, and keep costs down.
Our specialty is high-end captioning and subtitling for jobs that have to be done right.  Your movie or TV production deserves a global audience.  Captioning and subtitling not only increase the market for your work; they can and should reflect your commitment to quality, artistry and attention to detail.  We at Captions, Inc., understand that you can`t settle for anything less than world-class product, linguistically and visually perfect, fast and hassle-free, at a fair price.
We use translators, reviewers and editors from around the world to ensure that our work is an accurate, clear and idiomatic rendering of your soundtrack.  Our editors are the fussiest in the business, many of them with over a decade of experience.  We support all the world`s major languages, including Middle Eastern and Asian.  In fact, Asian subtitling is a specialty, with complete implementation of all the subtleties of Japanese typography.
Our mission statement:  To lead the industry with service, quality, and cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price.