How to use our services.
To use our services, send us a work-quality videotape or media file copied from the master recording.  Please include a burned-in timecode display that matches the timecode on the master recording.  This may be 24-fps timecode (or 23.976), even though the underlying work-quality video is NTSC or 30-fps media.
For closed captions, we send you a small file via e-mail or FTP.
  • For broadcast/cablecast, an encoding device at your post facility inserts the caption data into the video signal in a cloning step.  For more information about an encoding device for SD/HD closed captioning, contact eeg enterprises, inc. or Link Electronics.
  • For DVD, you add the caption file to your authoring project.
For subtitles, we send you a zipped-up folder of graphical files.
  • For broadcast/cablecast, the subtitles are composited into the video by a timecode-driven graphical inserter in a cloning step.  Contact Link Electronics about their HDE-3000 High Definition Caption Encoder, which can insert subtitles and closed captions simultaneously, if desired.
  • For DVD, you add the various language streams to your authoring project.
For either service, if you have a script of your work (paper or electronic), we will use it to verify spellings and terminology.  If you have a translation already in subtitle format, we can convert it directly to timecoded subtitles.  We maintain a staff of technical wizards who can recover text and timing information from almost any kind of file.